Monday, January 30, 2012

The Science of Ascension/Rapture

For centuries, people from all cultures have written and talked about "The Rapture," "The Ascension," "The Great Awakening," "The Second Coming," "The Fifth World," "The Apocalypse" and many other names given to the end of the world as we know it. It also brings up a whole host of emotions from fear and destruction to love and great illumination, including everything in between those polarities. With 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar now within months, we can all speculate, feel and know on what the coming times will bring or not bring, as the case may be.

While I could get into a long dissertation on what all the different religions and indigenous cultures say about the end of  the world, I will only divulge some of the science that I have run across recently concerning this projected big "event." In the title for this blog, I have used the words, "Ascension/Rapture," in an attempt to increase and cover the scope of belief systems that are the most commonly used, at least in US culture, as well as not to alienate any religion or belief. It is from the place of scientific knowledge that can be universally accepted, at least in part, that I will be coming from.

I have been studying this coming "event" for several years trying to get a better mental understanding for the possibilities of the times to come, or the end of times, whatever your definition or belief. So I'll start with some basic astronomy facts. As we all know, the Earth revolves around the Sun, and the Moon revolves around the Earth. It only makes sense that our solar system also revolves through the Milky Way Galaxy. According to some scientists best estimates, our solar system is approaching, or has already approached, alignment with the galactic center. There are scientists who disagree with the actual date that this alignment happens, but the generally accepted date has been 12/21/2012. This coincides with the generally accepted date of the end of the Mayan calendar. The problem here lies in the fact that astronomers are not well versed in deciphering ancient Mayan tablets or calendars, while archeologists are not well versed in astronomy. When there are compartmentalized sciences, governments and religions, the whole truth of anything is difficult to decipher and integrate.

After hearing and seeing several reports in the main stream media and other places on the internet concerning solar flares, I began to think that the Sun may play a significant role in the coming big "event." Apparently there is no doubt that these potentially catastrophic solar storms are coming. The only question is, when? If you look at NASA's website, the cause of solar flares are sunspots. The next obvious question is, what causes sunspots? To put it simply, disturbances in the Sun's magnetic field create a cooling effect, thereby making cool spots on the Sun. If we dig a little deeper, then what causes magnetic field disturbances on the Sun? As our solar system weaves its way through the Milky Way, it makes sense that it will come across numerous gravitational and magnetic field changes. While the gravitational pull of our galaxy's core is subtle, it would be reasonable to suggest that when we align with that galactic core, or plane of the galaxy, the pull will change and become more intense. Maybe a good analogy would be taking a flat rectangular magnet and pretend that is the plane of the galactic core. Then if one moves a nail or other metal object above it, beside it and below it, one notices differences in the pull of the magnet. That change in pull could be what will cause the Sun to create sunspots and spew out coronal mass ejections (solar flares) like we've never seen before!

On top of that, or instead of that, there remains the possibility of a Superwave coming from the core of our galaxy. According to Dr. Paul LaViolette, author of, "Earth Under Fire," we could get pulsed with a wave of energy that would span the visible and invisible spectrum of known light called, synchrotron radiation, that would spread throughout most of the galaxy. Paul has studied ice core samples from Antarctica and has found that a Superwave event has occurred at least 3 times every few thousand years and that we are currently overdue for an event like this. The problem is that it's difficult, if not impossible, to detect if it is on its way. The only hint we will possibly have will be a visual explosion in the sky that will look like a big blue star, which is the only time the galactic core becomes visible. After that, it will be only moments (less than a day) before the Superwave smacks planet Earth. Paul suspects that the Superwave is already on its way.

I know. All of this sounds really crazy, scary and apocalyptic. It was for me too, until I started thinking and studying about the possible effects of the frequencies of radiation that we, as a human race, have not been in contact with throughout known history. Most people have a negative reaction and get fearful when they hear the word, "radiation." But at the same time, we use radiation to kill cancer cells, don't we?

In my search, I found a series of videos by Danny Searle called, "The Mechanics of Ascension." This series of 8 videos of about 10 minutes each on youtube is completely fascinating! It talks about the origins of humankind as well as what we are moving into. I highly encourage everyone who reads this to watch those videos, but here are some of the highlights.

Some of the basic facts of our DNA are...90% of our DNA is considered by modern science to be "junk DNA." Of our 64 amino acid codes, only 20 are "turned on." Out of 25,000 genes, 250 of them are of unknown origin. In other words, 250 of our genes have no evolutionary basis. Could the 250 genes have originated from God, or ET's, or demons, or angels, or debris from the cosmos, etc.? Whatever you or the scientists believe, it appears humans have been genetically altered or manipulated by something or someone. Also, it is as if we have been programmed with upgraded software that has not yet been activated.

The video series comes to some conclusions and hypotheses about the link between emotions and DNA. First off, all emotions are based in love or fear. When we are in fear, the vibrational frequency wave is slow and long. Whereas love has a short, rapid and higher frequency. DNA acts as an antenna for light, due to the fact that photons of light align themselves with the axis of DNA when in close proximity. Our cells have antennae made of protein, formed from amino acid combos, that receive different environmental conditions such as sugar, heat, salt, sound, toxins, light, etc. When we are in the base emotion of fear, these antennae are lying down. When we are in the base emotion of love, the antennae are upright and available to receive the various light waves of radiation that will "switch on" our dormant DNA and amino acid codes, thereby activating our upgraded software that we received thousands of years ago. In other words, love increases our contact points with the synchrotron radiation waves that are coming in, whereas fear decreases those contact points. It is hard to describe what our existence will look like when that happens. But you can bet that it will be well beyond our 5 senses, our 3-D reality and our mental comprehension!

This is what can be possible, from a scientific basis, to experience the Rapture/Ascension. What's cool about this, is science tells us and somewhat proves to us what has already been written in some religious texts, as well as what some of us already knew intuitively about these end times. We always knew on some level that love is the answer, love will show the way and love is all we need to move to a whole new way of being, moving us beyond the struggles of our 3-D reality and into dimensions unknown!


  1. What a great and mysterious life! Thank you for your research and insights. Looking forward to living in light and love with you. Love expands and fear contracts. Healthy fear warns and protects while excess fear damages. So many of our systems of control have come from an excess of fear. We heal it first within ourselves. Thanks for holding up the mirror.

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    1. I just found some new information about food affecting our DNA. It does not appear to matter whether certain foods are genetically modified or not, but it does push the question of health issues of consuming GMO's to a whole new level. The reason I've included this here relates to how certain foods affect our DNA and very possibly our ability to ascend. Read it here:

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